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This Month’s Meeting

At our May 22nd meeting  NOCBA will welcome DNA Forensics Expert, Suzanne Ryan, MS.,  In her must-see presentation, Ms Ryan will share the latest advances in DNA Collection and analysis technology, the value of reanalysis of electronic DNA data, and the importance of reviewing a government laboratory’s credentials and validation protocols.

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MCLE Credits Available

MCLE credits may be earned by attendance at most of NOCBA’s monthly meetings and by participation in the instructional portion of that program.

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Sponsor NOCBA

The ability to mingle one on one with area lawyers, judges and court personnel in a convenient and casual environment is but one of the benefits of NOCBA Sponsorship.

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Membership Benefits

With the promise of access, information and networking opportunities, NOCBA membership is a must for any law practice.

Lorrie Walton / Past President, NOCBA

2019 NOCBA Board Of Directors

President:  Steve Bloom, Esq.

Vice President:  Jeffrey D. Kent, Esq.

Secretary:  Kimberly Wah, Esq.

Treasurer:  Lorrie A. Walton, Esq.