Usually this time a year, my greeting to friends and colleagues alike is traditionally one of holiday joy, Merry Christmas, Happy Passover and Happy New Year being my greetings of choice. However, with the re-escalation of Covid, possible court closures, and all the craziness surrounding the election, the best I can currently muster is urging one and all to be safe, to not take chances, and to contact us if we may be of assistance through these difficult times.

But there is good news on the horizon. A working vaccine, with a high success rate, is nearing completion and will soon be available.  What better holiday gift could we, as a society, hope to receive?

In the meantime, the compromises that we currently are making must continue. For NOCBA this means that we must continue to operate in virtual space.  Our Zoom Casts will continue for the foreseeable future. My thanks to one and all, members and non-members alike, for supporting them, and to our board members, specifically Lorrie Walton & Kim Wah for helping to produce them. 

Also, none of this would have been possible without our guests: CeCe Moore, Meldie Moore, Chris Glew, Jess Rodriguez, Judge Erich Larsh, Darren Boyle and Jennifer Medina from the courts, and of course our DA, Todd Spitzer. Thank you for taking a chance on us and sharing your knowledge and expertise in this virtual world we find ourselves in.

I am also eternally grateful to the NOCBA Board, present and past members, and our Past President advisory panel, who have pooled their talents and expertise to keep us navigating through these by now too familiar waters. Specifically thank you to our current board, our Vice President, Fernando Valle, Treasurer, Lorrie Walton, Secretary, Kim Wah, and Board Members, Ray Dinari, Mike Easterson, Lloyd Freeberg, Olga Giller and Lisa Leversen and former Board Member, Rick Curran.  A sincere thank you also goes to the men and women who led NOCBA before me. These include Hon. Jeff Ferguson, Bob Hickey, Lorrie Walton, Steve Bloom, and Jacquie Goodman.

But no list of acknowledgments would be complete without a shout out to our sponsors, without whom NOCBA would not be the force that it is. These include Sean Cook of Premiere Bail Bonds and DMS/Options along with Allen Martinez and Jason Guevara. Jarrett Mahoney, Kris Belieu and Trey Roberts of Breathe Easy, Dean Stepper and Suzzette Casillas of Most, Nancy Clark and Winter McDaniel of Nancy Clark and Associates, Mike Moore of Emanate Appearance Attorneys, Joseph Blunt of Bad Boys Bail Bonds, William Walker of True Recovery, Steve Goodman of Steve Goodman Attorney Services and Bail Bonds and Northbound Treatment Services, Jani Nelson and Lynsey Gasser of Hotel California By The Sea and Dr. Stephanie Herring of N’Sight Psychology and Addiction.

Disregarding what I said in the opening sentence, May the holiday season fill your home with joy, your heart with love, your life with laughter and your brain with no memories of 2020.

In the meantime, make peace with continued al fresco dining, and dress warmly when going to the gym or yoga class outdoors for a little while longer.

/Jeff Kent



Close to four dozen NOCBA members and guests attended our November 18th Zoomcast to see Assistant Presiding Judge, Erick Larsh speak, and to hear about changes to our court system expected when Judge Larsh becomes Presiding Judge this coming January.

In his presentation, Judge Larsh, addressed topics including the statewide revenue shortfall, the continuing impact of the Covid pandemic, and the court closures/furloughs.

Judge Larsh was appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as a judge of the Orange County Superior Court in 2005. He has served as Supervising Judge at both the Central Justice Center and the West Justice Center, and as Supervising Judge for the Domestic Violence Courts. Currently he sits as Assistant Presiding Judge, a term he began in January 2019.

In praising his colleague’s time as Assistant Presiding Judge, the Honorable Jeff Ferguson praised Larsh’s “ingenuity and foresight in weathering and helping to tame the Covid 19 storm battering our courts.”

NOCBA President, Jeff Kent, in announcing Judge Larsh’s participation in the Zoomcast, noted his tenacity, stating that “few people would be willing to take on the challenge the court has faced this past year and will probably continue to face in the foreseeable future. I have the utmost confidence that Judge Erick Larsh is up to the task.”

We hope you will join us for this informative event to give you an idea of how our courts will continue to be operated through all this turmoil.


Close to three dozen members and allied professionals attended NOCBA’s October Zoomcast, featuring special guest, CeCe Moore.

Ms. Moore is an investigative genetic genealogist and media consultant residing in Orange County.  She also is the host of ABC Television’s hot new docuseries, “The Genetic Detective.”

During her presentation. Ms. Moore spoke on familial DNA and the part Genetic Genealogy has played in solving over 100 cold cases, many of them well known to those in attendance.  Her work has led to the first conviction, the first conviction through jury verdict, and the first exoneration in a criminal case where the suspect was identified through investigative genetic genealogy.

As a media consultant, Ms. Moore’s accomplishments include guest appearances on numerous high profile TV Crime and News shows educating the public about genetic genealogy, as well as working behind the scenes as the sole genetic genealogist for the PBS TV Series Finding Your Roots,  for the past seven seasons. In May 2020, she starred in her prime-time ABC television series called The Genetic Detective where she helped to solve cold cases through investigative genetic genealogy.

In May 2018, Ms. Moore joined forces with Parabon Nanolabs to create and lead their Genetic Genealogy for law enforcement unit.  To date, this unit boasts an unparalleled record of over one hundred and twenty-five successful identifications since inception.

NOCBA Treasurer Lorrie A. Walton, who produced this event,  co-hosted the evening with NOCBA President Jeff Kent.

Learn more about CeCe Moore’s work here.

And here



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Best of all, do so before December 31, 2020, and all membership purchases and renewals will be discounted by $25.00.  That’s a one third discount over our normal, all ready low prices.


I am writing to you in this, the latest time of uncertainty to befall us, our friends, family members and colleagues.  

Apparently, despite the promises of a cure, or at the very least a vaccination, neither of which are yet a reality, Covid is apparently on the rise here and elsewhere, back for a second bite at the apple that is our shared comfort in our seasonal routines.

Whereas we normally are heading into the holiday season right about now, transitioning from the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer to the ghosts, goblins and pumpkin spice of Halloween, Thanksgiving and eventually Christmas, this shared pandemic has thrown all of these beloved routines out the window.

For NOCBA, this has led to the cancellation of our annual Summer Soiree, of our in-person meetings and of our annual Holiday Gala,  the singular event that for many of us marks the start of the Christmas Season.





A record 64 people joined in on NOCBA’ s Zoomcast this past Wednesday evening to hear Assistant DA Jess Rodriguez discuss Mental Health Diversion Strategies.

Rodriguez heads up the counties’ Recidivism Reduction Unit, a program created by Orange County DA Todd Spitzer, who was also in attendance and who offered some introductory comments before introducing DA Rodriguez.

In his wrap up of the event, NOCBA President and event host, Jeff Kent, praised Assistant DA Rodriguez for his presentation and for the work that Rodriguez’s Unit, the Recidivism Reduction Unit, has accomplished in its short lifetime.

“It is such a breath of fresh air to have a DA like Todd Spitzer, who is open to these alternative resolutions in the appropriate cases,” Kent said.

If you missed the seminar, it is available to watch here.

“We are asking, Kent continued, but not yet requiring, that you join NOCBA to view these videos, and the NOCBA Board of Directors has extended our COVID pricing of $50.00 for the year through November 1, 2020!

NOCBA memberships may be purchased or renewed here

In closing, Kent offered his thanks to all participating reserving special praise for Senior District Attorney Jess Rodriguez, and District Attorney Todd Spitzer. for their time, and insight and for the part they played in making this NOCBA’s most successful Webinar to date!



Just when you thought this year could not be any more disappointing, comes the news that NOCBA’s  Holiday Gala has been cancelled.
Covid era restrictions placed on the Brea Embassy Suites Hotel, the gala’s longtime home,  prohibiting  the sale of alcoholic beverages,  the service of food, and mandating a socially distanced, maximum occupancy of 100, make gatherings such as ours our gala untenable
Be advised, however, that NOCBA’s Board of Directors welcomes creative work-around(s) for the now cancelled event
Share them with us at

Almost three dozen participate in NOCBA's most recent Zoomcast.

Almost three dozen members of North Orange County’s legal community, including court officers, attorneys and support personal, participated in this past Wednesdays NOCBA Zoomcast, featuring Cannabis Advocate, Christopher Glew,  Esq.

Attorney Glew discussed “The Legal Weed Biz: From Farmer to Consumer, though his presentation was heavily weighted toward growth, cultivation and wholesale/retail distribution

The evenings Master of Ceremonies, NOCBA President Jeff Kent, kept the Zoomcast moving along smoothly while juggling his duties’ as host, chief information officer and NOCBA’s cheerleader- in- chief.  

If for whatever reason you could not attend the Zoomcast, Attorney Glew’s presentation is available for replay here.


Two steps forward, and three steps backward. It looks like we are having some difficulties taming this COVID beast, but I am confident we will get this under control.
In the meantime, we unfortunately have to cancel our Summer Soiree this year! I will miss seeing you all, and we will be back bigger and better with the Holiday Party!
NOCBA’s board of directors, and officers are still meeting by zoom, and trying to come up with great webinars to bring to you since the live meetings are still on hold.
We have had two great meetings so far; one with the help of our wonderful OC Court staff about Technology in the Courtroom, and a second one by attorney Meldie Moore on

SOiree BItes THe DUst


With the resurgence of Covid 19, and the greater restrictions being suggested to insure the public’s health, we are saddened to announce that we must cancel this years Summer Soiree,

For a time, when Covid infections seemed to be decreasing, we had hoped to be able to go forward with our annual tradition, albeit in a possible different format.  But now this will not be happening.

Over the past few years, the Soiree has become the go-to for NOCBA’s overworked legal community to “break up the stress and monotony of summer and let their hair down.”

I guess we’ll all have to find another way this summer.

But until we see you all again,  stay safe and stay well


NOCBA  resumed monthly meetings last night with a virtual program presented by Attorney Meldie Moore Esq.

Over two dozen attorneys, sponsors, judges and support personal joined via Zoom.  

 “I am so pleased that NOCBA’s 2nd Webinar was so well received,”  commented NOCBA President, Jeff Kent, “and would again thank Meldie Moore for her insights into the School Discipline System!

I expect that I will have an answer soon about the July Summer Soiree and will pass this along as soon as the decision has been made.

Hopefully we can soon begin transitioning to a mix of in-person and Zoom Cast meetings!,” Kent concluded.


Close to 40 attorneys, bench officers and tech support professionals participated last night in NOCBA’s Remote Webinar on the use of “Tech in the Courtroom.”
Leading the discussion was  OC Courts IT Solutions Architect Darren Boyle who briefed those in attendance  on the use of Microsoft Teams and WebX, the two video conferencing applications currently used by Orange County Superior Courts.
Joining Mr Boyle was  Jennifer Medina, OC Courts IT Manager of End User Support and Nora Sanchez and Blanca Escobedo  from the court’s administrative department. 



NOCBA, a California State Bar approved MCLE provider, offers members in good standing a convenient, cost-effective method of fulfilling MCLE requirements.

MCLE credits may be earned by attendance at most of NOCBA’s monthly meetings and by participation in the instructional portion of that program.


Jeff Kent
NOCBA President

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