While it is our wish to be live with you again real soon, in the interim, it is essential for all in our legal community to familiarize themselves with Microsoft Teams and WebX, as it appears that much court business will be conducted utilizing these applications going forward. 

To simplify our members’ learning curve, NOCBA was honored to present our first remote webinar this past Wednesday evening. 

Over 40 interested parties attended this session, which dealt with the basic operation of these programs, though it was heavily focused on Microsoft Teams.

Thank you to all of the court personnel that made this event possible: Brett Howard, Darren Boyle and Jennifer Medina from the OC Courts IT Department and Nora Sanchez and Blanca Escobedo  from the court’s administrative department. 

For those unable to attend the webinar, we are happy to provide this unedited visual recording of last night’s event. Hopefully, it will answer many of your questions.

Of course, the night was not without issue as the various glitches and muting issues attest to.  But these were soon overshadowed by the closeup of Judge Mahler’s  eye brow.

All in all, however, the webinar was a resounding success,  so much so that the Board s going to discuss doing another webinar in June!

Thank you for your continued support as we endeavor to keep NOCBA relevant during the Covid-19 crisis, and to always be there for you, our members.

Thank You

Jeff Kent