"NOCBA was founded on the principle that within our justice community, we have more in common than that which divides us. We needed a clearinghouse for information as much as we needed an opportunity to simply get to know one another— to return back to a time when the profession was marked by friends on both sides of counsel table and the bench who were fierce advocates and impartial judges and associates by day, and trusted friends by night. And our experiment worked. North is widely recognized as the most robust, vibrant district around."
J Goodman
Jacqueline Goodman, Esq.
Co-Founder, Past President & Board Member

On this note, the North Orange County Bar Association, or NOCBA as it is more widely known, was founded in 2010.

Almost immediately, attorney’s, judges, court clerks, court reporters, sheriff’s deputies and other legal service providers in North Orange County embraced the new organization and its commitment to excellence, consummate ethics, mutual respect, and dedication to helping others.

They admired NOCBA’s governing principal that life consists not merely in dreaming dreams of a better tomorrow, but in active and willing service to improve the lives of others and our own.