Hall crowd 2014 Nocba Gala

I am here to convince you to join NOCBA by sharing with you all some of the reasons I joined:

1. Networking: Being able to connect with fellow members of the bar at NOCBA events who I also see in court makes the job that much more enjoyable. Not only have I met attorneys at NOCBA events, but i have also met several judges, commissioners, and court staff.

2. MCLEs: Many bar associations charge upwards of $75 for an MCLE event. NOCBA MCLE monthly meetings are free and you can get your MCLEs taken care of at the same time.  The board tries to choose topics that will have very practical applications for its members.

3. The free stuff: At every MCLE meeting, there is free food and drinks. We also have wonderful sponsors who provide us with raffle prizes for each meeting.

4. Fun: Anyone who comes to the NOCBA Christmas Party or the Summer Soirée knows that our members know how to have a good time!

Join NOCBA today! You won’t regret it! You may even want to get more involved by becoming a board member once you do join!