After too long an absence, NOCBA is happy to announce that it is resuming monthly meetings with this Wednesday’s Zoomcast, featuring guest presenter, Meldie Moore, Esq.

Attorney Moore’s topic will be “School Crossing: Where Criminal Law and School Discipline Intersect.” She will begin her presentation @ 6pm on Wednesday June 24th.

In making his announcement, NOCBA President Jeff Kent, lamented the need for virtual meetings and called upon NOCBA members, sponsors, friends, and other supporters to take part in this virtual meeting. “While it is no substitute for the camaraderie and networking opportunities of physical meetings, Kent said, I am confident that NOCBA will able to make the transition to the virtual world and remain there for as long as is necessary or until we can guarantee the safety of all in attendance.”

Wednesday’s Zoomcast will originate on Zoom 5.0, the latest and most secure video conferencing platform.

If you plan to participate in Wednesday’s meeting, you will need to upgrade the Zoom version you are presently using to Version 5, not doing so will result in a forced upgrade to Ver.5 prior to being able to enter the meeting.

To obtain more information and to participate in Wednesday’s Zoom Meeting, CLICK HERE

The room will be available 30 minutes early @ 5:30

MCLE Credits will be available for NOCBA members in good standing.

Certificates will be sent via email following the meeting.


Students who commit criminal acts at school or during school related activities will often face both criminal prosecution and school discipline, according to Meldie Moore, Esq., a Family Formation Law attorney and this month’s presenter.
While California education law is based on the Penal Code, Ms Moore explained,  it is drastically different in many areas, including the burden of proof, rights to a hearing, to an attorney, rules of evidence, due process rights, as well as the practical implementation of investigating and punishing the student by school administrators who often have no training and very little knowledge of the law.
Attorney Moore’s presentation will provide a comprehensive explanation of the California education laws for students who are facing school discipline in K-12, addressing the difference between public and private schools, as well as discipline policies and procedures and Title IX investigations in higher education institutions.
Her presentation aims to prepare you to effectively advise and protect your clients who are facing school discipline.
Meldie Moore, a former prosecutor in Orange County, California, uses her expertise in trial and negotiation to help grow and strengthen families.
Her firm, Moore Law for Children, practices family formation law, including domestic adoptions (independent, relative, step-parent, and adult) and assisted reproduction technology (ART) agreements (egg donor, sperm donor, surrogacy); family dissolution law (divorce and child custody); estate planning; school discipline cases (expulsions, suspensions and Title IX investigations in higher ed. institutions); special education advocacy on behalf of families with children with special needs in public schools.
Meldie is the mother of two boys ages 19 and 11 through adoption and assisted reproduction.