I am writing to alert you to enhancements in how NOCBA will archive our Zoomcasts going forward, and to introduce you to our recently enabled Pay Gate.

Recent and upcoming Zoomcasts will now be located behind a newly installed pay gate where they will be accessible free of charge to all current NOCBA members, and for the very reasonable fee of $19.95, to all other interested parties.

However, for the near future, as NOCBA transitions to this new system, our generous Board of Directors has authorized a $5.00 discount per REPLAY purchase for all nonmembers. using the Pay Gate. This makes the price of the REPLAY just $14.95. Best of all, MCLE credits will be awarded (when topic matter is applicable) at this lower dollar rate as well.

This discount joins the previously announced Covid discount on membership purchases and renewals. (See NOCBA home page for more information)

Using the NOCBA Pay Gate is easy. Please follow these simple instructions

All paid NOCBA members have had coupons previously issued. Coupons each have a unique ID code, which for simplicity’s sake is comprised of first letter of the members’ last name, followed by their bar number. 

Non-Members, please follow along until we reach the Checkout screen where you will be asked to enter your credit card information and process you transaction in the manner you are accustomed to. Please note that our website, which is processing these transactions, will not retain your personal data.

Going forward, for the purposes of this exercise, let’s use last month’s DA Lloyd Zoomcast. 

Zoomcast REPLAY’s will usually post within 48 hours of the meeting’s conclusion, though weekends and holidays may impact this estimate. NOCBA will post a notice near the top of our home page at confirming when the REPLAY is available, as well as providing a direct link to the file’s location.

For example, to view the DA Lloyd Zoomcast REPLAY, head on over to At the bottom of the posting about the successful Lloyd meeting, you will notice a DA LLOYD REPLAY button. Clicking here will redirect you to the STORE.

In the left-hand side of the STORE page, you will notice a copy of the flyer for the Lloyd presentation. Underneath the flyer you will see event pricing information. Click the ADD TO CART button to take you to the CART.

It is here, on the CART Page, that Non-Members must pay for the REPLAY by providing their credit card information, while NOCBA members pay by entering their NOCBA issued Coupon Code. Members don’t forget to click the APPLY COUPON button when you have finished entering your Coupon Code. This will take you to CHECK OUT. 

Simply finalize your order on the checkout page, filling in all requested information.

Before clicking the purple PLACE ORDER button on the lower right of the page, please check the Re-Captcha box on the left bottom of the page. This will take you to your RECEIPT.

Underneath ORDER DETAILS, on the receipt, you will see the YouTube link for our zoom cast. Copy this and paste this link into your browser and you will have access to the program.

Finally in closing you will receive an email generated by the NOCBA website that will also give you this information.